Megan Sanderson – Teacher of Dance

Megan began her dance training at the ‘Jaqueline School of Dance’, in Weston-Super-Mare where she trained in Ballet. She loved dancing from a young age and always wanted to put on performances for her family and friends. She then continued her Ballet training at the ‘Bristol School of Dancing’ where she completed most of her exams up until grade 6. During her time at this school, she took part in performances such as ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ and ‘Swan Lake’. This is where Megan found her love for performing.

A few years later, Megan joined a dance club at her school where she began her training in Street/Hip Hop dance. Her and her team entered for competitions around the UK such as UDO and the British National Championships where they were fortunate enough to place for world championships. This was a big step for Megan in her dance career as she and her team worked very hard to achieve this and felt very proud. Megan loved competing with her team and won many trophies over the years.

In 2017, Megan started her level 3 BTEC dance diploma at Bridgwater & Taunton college. Her dance training became a lot more intense as she started learning new styles and focused a lot more on fitness as well as dance. In her 2 years on this course, Megan took part in a lot of student lead performances. In her last year, she had a final major project where Megan and her classmates were in charge of producing their own show. She took on roles such as choreographer, lighting and music producer, and production manager. The project was about missing people and the emotional effects a family feels when a family member goes missing. This performance led Megan to achieving a DMM as her final grade.

In 2019, Megan moved to Kingston-Upon-Thames to start her BA (Hons) dance degree at Kingston University. This is where Megan started to learn more on the theory side of dance and the history of the dance industry. She also took part in a placement/work experience in her last year where she had the role of an assistant dance teacher at a Hip Hop dance company ‘Urban Steppers’. Megan’s role was to assist next to the main teacher and help with the students learning and development in Hip Hop. She enjoyed this thoroughly and discovered her love for teaching quickly. Megan also took part in many performances as part of her degree. She performed a variety of shows such as a site-specific performance and group led contemporary piece. Megan gained a lot of knowledge during her three years on this course and achieved a 2:1 as her final grade.

Currently, Megan is passionate about teaching and wants to continue a career in this with the hope of performing on cruise ships in a couple years’ time.