Attending Trinity Laban, she returns to theschool monthly to teach contemporary dance, sharing her passion with the students of theschool.

‘I grew so much through my time at theschool, I continually receive support and guidance from theschool as a dance artist. From emotional encouragement to networking opportunities, theschool has massively helped me grow as an individual in the dance industry’.

With no formal training and wanting to attend a dance degree program, Sheldon joined theschool in 2019. By 2021 Sheldon joined Trinity Laban.

‘theschool helped me prepare for my degree program at Laban, allowing me to have a strong understanding of dance, from a technical and anatomical point of view, thus allowing me to monitor myself during my training at Laban to remain injury free.


Attending ‘Addict Dance Academy’, Polly progressed through theschool’s Level training program becoming a teaching associate.

‘theschool, guided me to create my own success within the industry, providing me with constant opportunities in and out of theschool. The staff consistently support me by attending performances. theschool is a family that I am proud to have been a part off

Taynee has numerous TV credits and featured in the period drama ‘The White Princess’. Forming the band, ‘Taynee Lord and the Crookes’, releasing their debut EP in 2019 to great acclaim.

‘I had many wonderful years with theschool and gained incredible knowledge from the teachers. The support I received for my career has been so uplifting still to this day!’

Attending ‘Addict Dance Academy’, Elize joined theschool in 2018 progressing through the Levels training program to eventually becoming a teaching associate.

‘Training at theschool was fun and educational. It led me to finding a passion for dance and teaching. Training with Ian helped me grow as a person and taught me so much about myself and what I wanted to do for my career.’

Since leaving in 2019 Dora has completed an acting diploma, wrote a play, and went traveling. Changing career pathways from performing to production and film making she currently attends a BA Media Production degree.

‘I definitely have theschool to thank for nurturing my creativity and encouraging me to always take chances as an artist.’

After leaving theschool Evie went on to gain a BA Hons in theatre arts from Bird College, she currently has an agent and is auditioning for West End Shows.

‘I owe so much of what I know about myself and the arts to theschool; they truly create one of the most nurturing environments for young people who wish to discover themselves as a performer. I am so grateful to have been a part of theschool.’

Katie is currently working at a children’s nursery aiming to go on to becoming an Ofsted inspector.

‘I thoroughly enjoyed attending theschool, it gave me so much confidence, assisting Chloe with the YoungSchool gave me the passion and confidence to work with children, I made so many friends that I still meet up with to this day 9 years later.’

Holds a Degree in Psychology & Drama. Ellie is currently gaining experience in the psychology & creative industry, planning to complete a Masters in Drama Therapy.

‘theschool lit a fire of passion and drive to chase a career within the arts, supporting my desire for helping others through the theatre arts. theschool helped me overcome some of the biggest challenges I faced in my life. It truly is an incredibly special place led by incredibly talented teachers’.