This intermediate level contemporary session is for those dance students that have a serious interest in contemporary dance training wishing to develop their technique for auditions, performance or exams and choreographic skills. Students work closely with the class choreographer learning choreographic skills whilst creating material with a focus on performance.

Technical Training

Our contemporary dance classes have been developed with a focus on improving the dance technical training of the young student; a movement style, that focuses on alignment, strength and transitional phrasing through skeletal exploration. Classes can be described as highly physical, technical and fun. The class focuses on the body as a whole in motion, with emphasis on building a strong technique through focused skeletal alignment.

Class Objective

The objective of the class is to prepare and train the young dancer to move confidently through space whilst playfully giving into gravity and rising up against it, with an emphasis on a strong dynamic technique with little effort. theschool believes that a young dancer will improve technically and grow artistically when given the freedom to express their unique creative individuality through movement.

Class Schedule

Saturday: 3.30 – 4.30pm Youth Performance Group