Our Theatre Arts Programme will enable you to combine your skills in acting, singing and movement in a collaborative process to create original and student led material. During these sessions students explore performing arts training and techniques to create original theatre devised from their own creativity with support from teachers.

Aims and Objectives

The collaboration of drama, music and movement will allow for the production of original work from a variety of stimuli.

Drawing upon techniques, training, theory and referencing, as well as accessing practitioners, play writes, directors, actors, musicians, vocal performers and innovators from both classical and contemporary visual arts and media worlds.

Students in the Theatre Arts Programme will incorporate technique and training directly utilised to enhance the creative process, expansing expressive ideas and taking ownership of the material produced.

More information:

The Theatre Arts Programme runs for both our Level One and Level Two groups.

Level Two (Primary Age 7-11): 10am – 11am

Level One (Secondary Age 11-18): 1pm – 2pm