YoungSchool Classes

Class Descriptions:

If you have a little budding performer who wishes to be introduced to the performing arts, where they playfully learn how to sing, dance and act then we may just have a class for them.

Ages 5 – 7/8

YoungSchool classes are run with the same principle and ethos as theschool, where young people learn skills in each of the three performing art disciplines of dance, drama & music, with laughter, always!
We believe in nurturing and, exploring the child’s talent so they may grow in self-belief and confidence. We work on the principle of collaboration, guiding and allowing the children to discover through structured safe play what they can achieve. We limit our class numbers and provide two teachers for the class allowing for the children to receive independent attention along with group attentive play.
Through structured planned playful classes children learn the technical skills in dance, drama and music necessary to join theschool if they so wish.

*The two week trial must be taken within the first four weeks of theschool term. The two weeks must be consecutive.

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