Best practice – Caring for you and your child during these times

COVID return procedure

There will be a one-way system in place for all studios in use, this includes the dance studio, Auditorium and Music Room. All our studios are well ventilated.

Dance Students Entrance/Exit

  • Entrance via main Link entrance.
  • Exit through dance studio fire escape.

Performing Arts Students Entrance/Exit

  • Entrance via large silver gates and through the entrance of canteen door, then follow signage for either Drama or Music Studios, please note each studio has a designated entrance and exit.
  • Exit through signed exit canteen door.

Students must sanitize their hands upon entry to the building and between sessions where there is a member of staff change over.

Members of staff will clean the studio space before the first session, between the two bubbles, change over and after the last session.

Members of staff will not come into contact with any student or any students’ belongings.

Members of staff do not have to wear a mask so long as they are at least 2.5 meters away from the front line of students.

Members of staff can move around / between students while teaching so long as they are wearing a mask and do not spend longer than 30 seconds in close proximity to an individual child.

Parents are not allowed to enter the dance studio or any studios at all. The Link has confirmed with us that the seating area above the studios is ok for parents to sit as long as they abide with the current social distancing rules.

A member of staff will meet the bubble and ensure hand sanitization etc.

In the event of a student within any bubble/class having a positive COVID result theschool will, unfortunately, have to shut that class down for two weeks.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during these times, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please be aware that guidelines continue to change and we will be following Government advice closely, if you wish to read further in regards to performing arts students returning please follow the link below