Dance Sector

Group 1 bubble payment: £216.00 per term (payments may be split into two £108.00)

Group 2 bubble payment: £324.00 per term (payments may be split into two £162.00)

PAP (*Drama and Music only)

Level 2: £216.00 per term

Level 3: £216.00 per term

Payment terms and conditions

  • By standing order or direct debit only.
  • Payments may be made in full or may be split into two payments across the term.
  • A term of 12 weeks is broken into 2 x payments to be paid one week prior to the six weeks of the students attendance, be that at the beginning of the term or midterm payment. (*please note if the fees are not paid one week prior to the attendance of the student, we are sorry to say that their place will be passed over to a student on our waiting list). Weekly payments are no longer excepted.
  • After one year of students attendance (3 terms) parents may switch to a monthly direct debit payment option.
  • Six weeks’ notice, with payment, must be provided if a student intends to leave. Please note there are no reimbursements if a student leaves at any point during the term. If no notice is given and payment is not received theschool will seek legal proceedings to recoup the payment owed at the expense of the parent or guardian.